Custom Orders

Want something designed specially for you, or someone you love? Schedule your free 20 minute consultation, and have a design made just for you! 

How It Works:

1. Schedule your free 20 minute phone consultation here

2. Allow 7-10 days after your consultation for Kaitlyn to create a proposal

      Proposals Include:

  • Vision board with sketch and/or digital layout of actual stones/design elements to be used
  • Price
  • Estimated time of completion 

3. After selecting your design, you will receive an invoice for a 50% deposit. Once the deposit is paid, Kaitlyn buys all necessary gemstones or accoutrements for your design, and gets to work! 

4. Once your special piece is finished, the final invoice will be sent to complete the order. After that, your piece will be gift-wrapped and sent to your doorstep!

Common Questions:

What if I'm not sure what I want?

No worries! That's what the free consultation is for. If you're ordering a gift, I'll ask you questions about the recipient: everything from hair color, skin tone, and personal style, to what attributes they would like to bring into their life. 

Do you make Bridal or Special Occasion pieces? 

I sure do! I love creating meaningful pieces for Brides to wear on their wedding day, using stones that fortify their intentions and compliment their unique, divine beauty. 

Do you offer quantity discounts?

If you'd like to have a collection designed for you where multiples of your custom design will be made for your: 

  • Business/Organization
  • Bridal/Wedding Party
  • Healing Arts Center 

Please let me know you're interested in having several multiples of your design during your consultation. I'm happy to draw up a proposal for you showing cost and quantity discounts based off how many you'd like! 

***Please note, this option is only available in designs that can be replicated, and are not one-of-a-kind.