Elements by Kaitlyn

All Day Beam


Elements by Kaitlyn

All Day Beam


With this Ametrine and 14K Gold-Filled Necklace, you'll be rocking an All-Day-Beam so bright, people will wonder what's your secret. To which you'll answer:

"Ametrine, baby. AMETRINE."

I call this stone "Hate Blocker meets Life Coach." 

Ametrine is the natural combination of our cardinal Air and Fire Elemental stones-- Amethyst and Citrine. This gorgeous purple and gold gem offers all the positive energy and purifying light of Amethyst, tempered by the confidence, passion, will-power, and worldly abundance of Citrine. It allows us to create a sacred space wherein to manifest our deepest desires, while protecting us, presenting an energetic shield that keeps out what hinders us, and keeps only what serves us inside, making this one of my favorite stones. This particular necklace is one of a kind, and features an INSANE concave-cut Ametrine very rarely found on the market today. So if she calls to you, start practicing your mega-watt smile. You've got an All-Day-Beam coming your way. 

Fit: 18"

Therapeutic Elements Used: Ametrine and 14K Gold-Fill

Who It Benefits: Those who desire protection/transmutation from negative energies, an enhancement of focus, organization, mental and spiritual clarity, and to manifest their dreams and aspirations 

Element: Air, Fire, 

Chakras: Solar Plexus (3rd), Crown (7th) 


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xo, Kaitlyn