About the Stones

Learn the Ancient Wisdom Within Some of the Earth's Most Sensational Gemstones! 

Element: Water
Amazonite represents harmony and communication. A truth-teller that aids in finding inner-peace, Amazonite awakens the compassion in our hearts and helps bring our desires into awareness.

Element: Earth
Amber is made up of fossilized resin, and can hold trapped air bubbles and even insects! The ancient Greek word for Amber refers to the sun, in keeping with this stone’s golden, syrupy color. It aids in healing, light, and clarification, and is a popular stone for children’s teething necklaces.

Element: Air
Amethyst has been used for thousands of years for protection, purification, and release from addictions. It has long been called a stone of royalty, and can be found in historic crowns, scepters, and jewelry. Amethyst is a helpful stone to use during meditation, as well as to clear negative influences from one’s energy field. 

Element: Water
Aquamarine is a luminous blue stone, said to soothe and connect with one’s deepest emotions. It helps men dispel frustration and emotional numbness, and helps women find courage, clarity, and access their intuition. It is a stone of communication and empowerment for both men and women. 

Element: Fire
Carnelian is a brilliant orange gemstone meant to provide courage, confidence, and action. It was worn in battle during in ancient times, and has also been used to help fortify the timid with self-assurance. This stone enhances leadership qualities, and is excellent for gentle spirits who find turning their desires into actions difficult. 

Element: Water
Chalcedony is an excellent stone to use during times of stress. It helps restore a calm and balanced sense of self, and allows one to communicate more effectively.

Element: Air
Charoite is a powerful and complex Air gemstone found in Siberia. This rare stone activates and clears inner energy to reveal one’s path, and offers protection and healing. Charoite also helps release our inner fears, and aids in finding insight.

Element: Water
Chrysocolla empowers us. A modern-day “girl-power” stone, it encourages feminine empowerment in a way that mirrors the strength of water, teaching us that a gentle power can be the strongest path when pursued over time. With this stone, we find inner wisdom and ease of expression, when worn near the throat chakra.

Element: Water
This green gemstone resonates with the heart chakra, encouraging compassion, forgiveness, and connection with nature. In addition to being used to heal the heart, it is also intended to help prepare our hearts for love and attract love into our lives.

Element: Fire
Citrine is the cardinal Fire stone said to enhance personal will, manifestation, clarity, and creativity. It stokes the imagination and strengthens our resolve. 

Element: Storm
Diamonds increase the intensity of other gemstones. In some cultures, it is believed to protect one from fire, illness, and other dangers, while encouraging victory, courage, and enhancement of love. Fun fact: It is also said to help activate our prefrontal cranial lobes, where paranormal abilities supposedly lie.

Element: Earth
Diopside is a stunning gem found in a variety of colors. Its green variety, Chrome Diopside, is often mistaken for emeralds! It opens up the heart, connects us with the earth, and provides healing and balance. It is said to be helpful in regulating hormonal imbalances in women, especially those going through menopause.

Element: Water
This gorgeous gemstone connects us to our heart chakra, providing us with love, compassion, healing, and abundance. It is said to clear away any feeling of victimization and offer a fresh vitality and wisdom to our lives. The finest quality are typically found in Columbia. 

Element: Earth
Garnets actually come in an array of colors, but are most commonly known to be red. Garnet comes from the Latin word “Pomegranate”, and is said to help manifest what your imagination creates. It is also good for grounding, faith, and enjoying the physical world.

Element: Earth
Hematite is the most effective stone to use when you need to ground yourself. Wearing Hematite daily is said to help bring your dreams into reality and separate dreams from fantasies. 

Herkimer Diamond 
Element: Storm
Herkimer Crystal Diamonds are found in Herkimer, NY. They can be water-clear or peppered with beautiful smoky inclusions. The radiate at a very high frequency, and also amplify the power of any gemstones used in conjunction. Herkimer Diamonds are said to be a manifestation of pure spiritual light, and can be used for dream work by wearing to bed or placing inside your pillow!

Element: Earth
Jade brings health, abundance, and luck. It is a very strong stone that works on the heart chakra, balancing and enhancing one’s wellbeing. Some recommend wearing Jade while communing with nature, as the stone will absorb the earth’s life-force.

Element: Earth
Jasper has many different variations, each serving a different purpose. In general, it stabilizes one’s energies, grounds us, and instills patience.

Element: Storm
Blue kyanite has a very high vibrational field and is often mistaken for sapphires. It is said to enhance empathy, telepathy, and past-life recall.

Element: Air
This magical stone awakens our natural intuition, creativity, and awareness. It helps those who seek a higher level of self-discovery, as it activates the inner eye. Bright flashes of rainbow fire swirl inside this stone that emerge when the light changes. It is said to been the northern lights caught inside a stone!

Lapis Lazuli 
Element: Air
This elegant stone was used in ancient Egypt in scarabs, beads, and pendants. It was also ground up into a powder and used for eye shadow! Lapis is a stone of royalty, and can be found entombing pharaohs of Egypt. It is also good for acquiring inner vision and speaking the truth.

Element: Water, Fire
This beautiful baby blue and white stone comes from the island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean. Fascinatingly, it represents both dichotomous elements Fire and Water, as is born through volcanic activity in the Caribbean sea! Larimar is a very calming stone good for soothing, communication, and connection with your feminine power. It is especially effective when worn near the throat chakra.

Element: Fire
This is one of the few green Fire stones! In the Middle Ages, it was used to cure various stomach ailments. Today, is is considered one of the best stones to use when desiring protection against negative energies. 

Element: Storm
This incredibly cool stone joins us from outer space! It comes from a meteorite that crashed in the Czech Republic around 14.8 million years ago. Moldavite has an insanely high vibrational field, and is used for transformation, rapid spiritual evolution, protection, and activates every chakras in the body. It is also fabled to be the stone that made up the holy grail! For healing purposes, its already considerable power is enhanced when combined with Herkimer Diamonds and Seraphinite. Because of the intense energy this stone exudes, it is recommended that one mediate with it for five days before wearing, to give the body time to adjust to its vibrational field. Moldavite is one of the twelve synergy stones.

Element: Air
Moonstone is a mysterious stone that offers self-discovery, insight, and intuition. It helps women connect to their feminine power and men connect with the right side of the brain, encouraging emotional balance. Moonstone reminds us to have patience and become aware of the cycles of our lives in the same way we experience the cycles of the moon. 

Element: Earth, Water, Fire, Air (Depending on type.)
There are many different types of opal, varying in color from glittering white to rusty red. The word Opal stems from a Latin word meaning “precious stone.” In Rome, it was said to bring good luck and hope. In France, it was said to make the wearer invisible! (Invisibility Cloak, anyone?)

Element: Storm
Pietersite is said to mimic the highly charged atmospheric field of a thunderstorm. Its colors swirl together in a smooth menagerie of gold, brown, gray, blue, and black. It is said to enhance intuition, insight, precognition, and transformation.

Element: Earth
Pyrite (otherwise known as Fool’s Gold) is a stone of vitality, willpower, and confidence. It helps one take action. Because of its shiny metallic appearance, it was given the name Fool’s Gold. It is also exceptionally good at balancing polarities in the body. 

Quartz (Clear)
Element: Storm
Clear Quartz is called “the perfect jewel” in Japan, as it was said to represent purity, perseverance, and infinite space. Many enjoy using quartz during meditation or energy work, as it is meant to cleanse, heal, and amplify one’s intention.

Rose Quartz 
Element: Water
Rose Quartz is all about the love! Resonating with the heart chakra, it brings us love, emotional healing, and release of stress. Rose quartz is an excellent stone to wear, use in meditation, sleep with, and place throughout a room to promote gentle, loving energies.

Element: Earth
This vibrant gem instills a sense of power in the wearer, banishing thoughts of defeat or hopelessness. It offers courage, passion, and adventure, and has long been coveted as a stone of royalty. It is said that the Chinese Emperor Kublai Khan once exchanged an entire city for one large Ruby!

Rutilated Quartz 
Element: Storm
Rutilated Quartz is a clear stone peppered with delicate metallic rutile inclusions that can be either black, gold, or silver! It is said to help expand one’s awareness and quicken manifestation.

Element: Air, Earth
Although Sapphires are commonly thought of as blue, they also come in a variety of other colors! Blue Sapphires offer discipline and awareness, activating our insight and inner wisdom. They are especially helpful when one wishes to stick to a goal or organize and carry out an idea. New Year’s Resolution, anyone?

Element: Storm, Earth
Seraphinite is a sweet, gentle stone, derived from the word Seraphim. It is known to be centering, energizing, and healing, and provides a feeling of wholeness. Seraphinite is especially helpful as a healing stone when combined with the powerful energy of Moldavite!

Smoky Quartz 
Element: Earth
This powerful Earth element is excellent for grounding, adapting negative energies, and manifesting one’s desires. It is said to suck up negativity, making it great to have when in a bad mood. It is also said to help students focus, give teachers patience, and improve organization during tasks such as doing one’s taxes or paying bills!

Element: Air
Sugilite is said to offer spiritual protection and purification, as well as help one become a ‘beacon of light.’ (Admit it. You totally want to be a beacon of light.) It is also used to enhance the dream realm.

Element: Fire
This gorgeous, shimmering stone boasts attributes including leadership, strength, abundance, and benevolence. When worn over the heart, it is said to aid in synchronizing the heart’s wisdom with the mind’s inspirations. A yang stone, it pairs beautifully with the yin of Moonstone. 

Element: Air
Tanzanite is said to be one of the most valuable metaphysical stones. It is said to link the heart and mind and evoke compassionate self-expression. It is one of the twelve synergy stones.

Tiger Eye 
Element: Fire, Earth
Tiger Eye helps provide balance between extremes, strength, and fairness. It also brings vitality and mental clarity into one’s life.

Element: Fire
There are many different varieties of Topaz. Golden Imperial Topaz is a stunning, shimmering champagne color, designed to help manifest one’s personal will and desires. White Topaz represents spirituality and holding one’s focus. Blue Topaz is a Water and Fire stone combined, and helps to enhance mental clarity and communication.

Element: Earth, Water, Air, Storm (Depending on type)
There are many different types of Tourmaline. Black Tourmaline is one of the best stones for grounding and quelling anxiety. It absorbs negativity and allows peace and tranquility to reign. Pink Tourmaline represents love and emotional healing. Watermelon Tourmaline represents calm and joy. Blue Tourmaline offers a higher awareness and ease of communication. Golden Tourmaline give us will power, confidence, and inner strength. Finally, Brown Tourmaline encourages self-acceptance, self-love, and self-healing.

Element: Storm
This ancient stone resonates solely with the throat chakra, and represents wholeness. It is one of the longest-used gemstones, and was historically fashioned into jewelry, weapons, and amulets, as it was believed to offer protection for its wearer. Warriors used to inlay this stone in their swords, spears, and shields to keep them safe from danger! Especially potent when worn near the throat chakra, Turquoise helps restore vitality and lift sinking spirits. It combines Water, Fire, Earth, and Air energies, therefore transforming into the unified power of a Storm stone. 

 ***Resource: “The Book of Stones” by Robert Simmons and Naisha Ahsian