Welcome to a new collection celebrating the Undefended Heart. When we are born, we are beings of pure love, light, and trust. And yet, as we live and experience the imperfect nature of our world, disillusionment, betrayal, and projections of others prompt us to protect our hearts, walling them off. This wall keeps us safe from the world, but it also locks a part of our pure essence inside, preventing us from receiving the love we both crave and deserve. The Undefended Heart Collection celebrates a return to self-love. Supported by the energies of Rose Quartz, Tourmaline, Ametrine, Pearl, and Pink Opal, these pieces soften and nourish our heart-fields so that we feel safe to take that first step, peeking behind the walls we built to keep ourselves safe to see what's there now. Asking a simple question: can I find the hurt I locked away inside? Am I ready to feel it so I can heal it and let it go? Am I ready to love myself deeper, brighter, more fiercely, so that I can recognize pure love when it is presented to me by others? Let these pieces be a support in our journeys to love ourselves more, honoring the ways we protected ourselves then, so we can being brave enough to say: "That was then, and this is now. I choose to free myself from this wall. I choose to open myself heart and give myself the love I so richly deserve. I choose an Undefended Heart."