As a class, Air Gemstones access the upper-order chakras, assisting with positivity, intuition, spirituality, and protection against negative energy.
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As a species, we've grown too accustomed to four walls and to-do-lists a mile long. We crave connection to the earth, to grounding. EARTH gemstones act as an anchor when we feel disconnected from source, providing calming constancy, balance, and support. Connecting to the root chakra among others, these stones are particularly poignant for those experiencing anxiety, as most stones in this class absorb the frenetic energy, lightening the load for the energetic body.
FIRE Gemstones as a class resonate with the solar plexus chakra, cultivating that warm fire within us to take tenacious action, lead, motivate ourselves and others, and cull the passion and indomitable spirit within.
Power. Wholeness. Protection. STORM Stones are highly transformational specimens, excellent for times of recreation and personal growth. Turquoise in particular was used in ancient civilizations as an amulet for protection, inlaid into shields, swords, and armor to bring the warrior victory in battle. A very strong element also known as "Ether", Storm stones call to the warrior in all of us, awakening our most voracious self.
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As the ocean is the heartbeat of the earth, ebbing and flowing with sating constance, WATER Gemstones soothe, calm, and bring great trust that what must be, will be. As a class, they tend to resonate strongly with the heart and throat chakras, making them beautiful talismans for ailments of the throat or mending hearts, and strong aids for enhancing communication and self-love. (Never have the "where-is-this-relationship-going" talk without one!)