As a class, Air Gemstones access the upper-order chakras, assisting with positivity, intuition, spirituality, and protection against negative energy.
ARISE is a new collection featuring all AIR Element gemstones. It pays homage to the mysterious and intuitive power of the Divine Feminine, and calls in radiance, purification, and light, stripping away the soot of the world so we may rise anew.
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As a species, we've grown too accustomed to four walls and to-do-lists a mile long. We crave connection to the earth, to grounding. EARTH gemstones act as an anchor when we feel disconnected from source, providing calming constancy, balance, and support. Connecting to the root chakra among others, these stones are particularly poignant for those experiencing anxiety, as most stones in this class absorb the frenetic energy, lightening the load for the energetic body.
FIRE Gemstones as a class resonate with the solar plexus chakra, cultivating that warm fire within us to take tenacious action, lead, motivate ourselves and others, and cull the passion and indomitable spirit within.
FORTIFY is a Reiki-infused mini-collection designed to GROUND, BALANCE, CLEAR, and EMBOLDEN.
The Golden Hour Collection: a curated assortment of FIRE gemstones, resonant to call in warmth, abundance, creativity, and courageous leadership, moving us forward toward our best, most successful life.
The Joy Collection speaks to the HEART of all things. The gemstones used awaken the child in us all, bringing us back to the surety and joy that is our birthright. 
A collection designed to LIFT, PROTECT, and EXPAND our precious energy during this time of chaos.
A collection of deliciously grounding and supportive EARTH Elements that root our energy into an expansive heart, leading us forward with purpose and compassion. 
In our current climate, it's easy to feel out of control, adrift at sea as the waves crash over us. This collection features a myriad of powerful Water and Fire gemstones that help empower us to leash the rising current, riding it to a port of our making.
A Reiki-Infused collection designed to amplify TRUTH, CLARITY, BALANCE, and STRENGTH so we may be truly sovereign beings. Each gemstone featured connects deeply with the Throat chakra, so that we may not only know ourselves, but feel empowered to speak our truth out loud.
Power. Wholeness. Protection. STORM Stones are highly transformational specimens, excellent for times of recreation and personal growth. Turquoise in particular was used in ancient civilizations as an amulet for protection, inlaid into shields, swords, and armor to bring the warrior victory in battle. A very strong element also known as "Ether", Storm stones call to the warrior in all of us, awakening our most voracious self.
Mystery calls to us. It harkens in on the quiet morning mist. It tickles us as dusk falls around us, washing our world in shadow. It asks us to open the door. To let it in, so that we may see that the answers we seek have been with us all along. So that we may learn to trust the knowing that lies deep, bred into bone and blood and sinew. So that we may learn to dance with the light and shadow, the known and the curious, a faintly mischievous smile ever on our lips.
A brand new collection featuring sumptuous RAW gemstones: Unbridled beauty straight from the earth, and imbued with Reiki Energy.
Welcome to a new collection celebrating the Undefended Heart. When we are born, we are beings of pure love, light, and trust. And yet, as we live and experience the imperfect nature of our world, disillusionment, betrayal, and projections of others prompt us to protect our hearts, walling them off. This wall keeps us safe from the world, but it also locks a part of our pure essence inside, preventing us from receiving the love we both crave and deserve. The Undefended Heart Collection celebrates a return to self-love. Supported by the energies of Rose Quartz, Tourmaline, Ametrine, Pearl, and Pink Opal, these pieces soften and nourish our heart-fields so that we feel safe to take that first step, peeking behind the walls we built to keep ourselves safe to see what's there now. Asking a simple question: can I find the hurt I locked away inside? Am I ready to feel it so I can heal it and let it go? Am I ready to love myself deeper, brighter, more fiercely, so that I can recognize pure love when it is presented to me by others? Let these pieces be a support in our journeys to love ourselves more, honoring the ways we protected ourselves then, so we can being brave enough to say: "That was then, and this is now. I choose to free myself from this wall. I choose to open myself heart and give myself the love I so richly deserve. I choose an Undefended Heart."
As the ocean is the heartbeat of the earth, ebbing and flowing with sating constance, WATER Gemstones soothe, calm, and bring great trust that what must be, will be. As a class, they tend to resonate strongly with the heart and throat chakras, making them beautiful talismans for ailments of the throat or mending hearts, and strong aids for enhancing communication and self-love. (Never have the "where-is-this-relationship-going" talk without one!)
A One-of-a-Kind Reiki-Infused Collection, designed to evoke the sparkle of frost and icicles upon mottled bark, the rich blue of snow-edged ponds, and the lush green of a winter woodland.