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This sweet and powerful Sterling Silver necklace features a deliciously high-grade grape-purple Amethyst nugget, offset by a HUGE Herkimer Diamond slice. I adore this combination, because it's perfect right now for any who deeply are seeking powerful protection and lift of energetic currents.

Amethyst is the cardinal Air gemstone. It aids in protecting against negative influences, and helps purify our energetic surroundings. (Translation: bad vibes, be gone!) It lifts and sustains, pouring light into dark places, and helps us tap into that deep, feminine knowing. This is such a powerful and protecting stone for us right now, designed to purify the energetic field so we can LIFT and EXPAND into our own sacred energy. When combined with the powerful Storm gemstone Herkimer Diamond, all properties are heightened, as Herkimer Diamonds amplify that which is around it, sending pure white light to illuminate and empower the energy-body.(Shown with coordinating earrings "Effervescent" in third gallery image.)

Length: 18" chain, 1.5" drop 

Therapeutic Elements Used: Amethyst, Herkimer Diamond, and Sterling Silver

Who It Benefits: 

Those who desire positive energy, spiritual protection, a shield for negative energy, purification, release from addictions, amplification of their desires, and to bring lightness and ease into their being

Element: Air, Storm

Chakras: Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th), Etheric (8th)


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