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Heart of the Matter


Elements by Kaitlyn

Heart of the Matter


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This exquisite AAA-Grade Garnet Prayer Necklace is designed to ground and strengthen, showing us the heart of the matter in all things. Made with fragrant Mawibasa Rosewood and Sterling Silver accents and adorned with a luxe tassel festooned with AAA-grade Garnet, this sumptuous Mala necklace aids in opening the heart, whispering to it the ancient wisdom of our ancestors, guiding us toward our highest path. 

Wear two ways: long, with the teardrop shaped AAA-grade Garnet briolette set into the clasp adorning the nape of your neck, or wind it around to wear as a double strand, allowing the delicate gem to nestle into the hollow of your throat. 

To use, set your daily intention upon the guru bead: the large Garnet focal. Repeat it on each bead, allowing the three Garnet markers set at specific points throughout the necklace to serve as a compass, marking your way until you come back home. 

Size: Standard Prayer Bead length of 108 beads. Worn long, this should dip to your navel. Worn wound twice, the bottom strand should rest just below the breast bone, depending on your height and stature. 

Therapeutic Elements Used: AAA-grade Garnet, Fragrant Mawibasa Rosewood, and Sterling Silver 

Who It Benefits: Those who desire a gentle, soothing energy that rejuvenates and  connects deeply and softly with the divine feminine

Elements: Earth

Chakras: Root (1st), Heart (4th), Crown (7th) 


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