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Lightning Bearer


Elements by Kaitlyn

Lightning Bearer


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My signature Aromatherapy and EMF protectant bracelet, now made into a rustic luxe Mala! Made with Tibetan Turquoise, Lava Rock, an AAA-grade Labradorite and Black Spinel tassel, and Shungite: a rare stone that contains all but two elements on the periodic table! Due to its unique molecular structure, Shungite has been studied, and shown to absorb Electro Magnetic Frequencies put off by our phones, tablets, and computers. These smooth black orbs are set as markers throughout the design. When combined with ancient Storm stone Turquoise, and Fire/Earth Lava Rock, a potent amulet is formed. 

Turquoise is a Storm stone used by many ancient civilizations in amulets of protection. Warriors would inlay it into their shields, swords, and armor, and wear into battle, believing its ancient power would protect and ensure them victory. Turquoise resonates with the throat chakra, giving voice, and the confidence to speak. Lava Rock grounds us, invoking the language of Earthen Fire with tenacious, warrior-like confidence! Wear long with the sumptuous tassel dripping down toward the navel, or wind around the neck twice, allowing the ornate Sterling Silver clasp to rest at the hollow of the throat.  

To use, set your daily intention upon the guru bead: the faceted Tibetan Turquoise. Repeat it on each bead, allowing the Shungite and Balinese Sterling Silver markers set at specific points throughout the necklace to serve as a compass, marking your way until you come back home. Just don't be surprised if your nickname becomes Zeus when you start feeling strong enough to throw lightning bolts from the sky.

To use this necklace as a powerful aromatherapy diffuser, warm a few drops of essential oil in the palm of your hand, then dab across the porous Lava Rocks, where it will be diffused all day long. 

Length: Worn two ways: Long, or wound so the ornate clasp hugs the hollow of your throat. 

Therapeutic Elements Used: Tibetan Turquoise, Lava Rock, Shungite, AAA-grade Labradorite, and Sterling Silver 

Element: Storm, Earth, Fire, Air 

Who It Benefits: Those who desire warrior-like strength, heightened feminine intuition, a feeling of wholeness, immense focus, energy, grounding, protection, and enhanced communication

Chakras: All 


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