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Puttin' On The Glitz


Elements by Kaitlyn

Puttin' On The Glitz


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This unique kite-shaped Peach Moonstone brings me life! I adore the subtle glitz of this gemstone: a luminous peach-pink that appears as though someone dumped glitter inside when the sun hits it just right! It has a gorgeous sheen that shifts and preens with the sunlight, making this such a fun gem to wear. She hangs on a braided 14K Gold-Filled chain that feels both delicate and sumptuous, and is accented by one genuine creamy Raw Diamond, inset asymmetrically into one side of the chain. With the stone measuring in at 1.45" long by 0.65" wide, this medium-sized gem makes a statement without being overpowering. Designed to complement my "Arise in Beauty" earrings, as shown in the third gallery photo.

Peach Moonstones are AIR Elements that call to the Divine Feminine. It helps us trust in our feminine intuition, knowing that just as the moon rides firm in her orbit, all that we need is already with us, or well on its way. Moonstones help ground and clear our heads, making them especially helpful for those with high-stress lives who feel they are constantly firing on all cylinders. A highly protective stone, Moonstones are used to deflect negative energy and bring the mind into a feminine place of love and light. 

Length: 18", Moonstone Drop is 1.45" long by 0.65" wide

Therapeutic Elements Used: Peach Moonstone, Raw Diamond, and 14K Gold-Fill

Who It Benefits: Those who wish to reflect mystery, self-discovery, intuition, insight, and dreams

Element: Air

Chakras: Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th)


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