Elements by Kaitlyn

Where is My Scepter?


Elements by Kaitlyn

Where is My Scepter?


Supercharge your heart-glow with these ornate and luscious Ruby earrings! Rose-cut and faceted to perfection, these sumptuous stones scream luxe with just a hint of rustic-- a perfect match for any who adore wearing nature's best and one-of-a-kind, thank you very much! Set with ornate Gold Vermeil filigree posts, these earrings offer a secure and comfortable fit, so you can do as many dips on the dance floor as you please. 

Rubies are Earth elements, evoking warmth, strength, and tenacity. The energy measured by Rubies resonates with our root chakra, therefore connecting to our life force to reflect passion, enthusiasm, strength, and adventure. An empowering stone to wear while joining your life with another's on your wedding day, or for those committing to opening space for that special love to enter your life. 

These sumptuous rose-cut Rubies are just over 1" in length (the earring is 1.5" including the posts) and are set in my signature "hug" setting in 14K Gold-Fill. Designed to compliment my "Queen for a Day" Ruby and Pearl Necklace, as shown in the image gallery. With both of these resplendent jewels at your beck and call, the only thing you'll ever have to ask is: "Where is My Scepter?" 

Size: 1.5″ long, 0.65″ wide

Therapeutic Elements Used: 100% Natural Ruby

Who It Benefits: Those who wish to reflect passion, courage, strength, enthusiasm, and adventure

Element: Earth

Chakras: Root (1st)


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xo, Kaitlyn