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Safety Glasses On (Sterling Silver)


Elements by Kaitlyn

Safety Glasses On (Sterling Silver)


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Safety Glasses, On! (Please tell me someone gets the Bill Nye reference!) With all the time we're spending on our computers and screens these days, many of us know the power of wearing blue-light blocking glasses, or changing the kelvin temperature of our screens to reduce eye-strain. But what about EMFs-- the Electromagnetic Frequencies that our bodies are continually trying to digest? Enter the power of Shungite: an incredible stone from Russia that contains every single element on the periodic table, except for two. (Obviously we don't want uranium in there!)

Due to its unique mineral composition, physicists have studied Shungite's incredible ability to absorb and repel EMFs. EMFs are EVERYWHERE these days-- coming off your phone, your computer, your wireless, and with the introduction of 5G into the world, Shungite is going to become an even more important resource to help keep ourselves safe. This fully adjustable bracelet features two tiny micro-faceted AAA-Grade Black Spinel accents on either side of the Shungite. Black Spinel is a soothing WATER Element that resonates with every energy center in the body, and helps call in revitalization, hope, and energy, opening space for transformation. 


Fully adjustable for all wrist sizes by sliding the Sterling Silver connector bead tighter or looser to find your perfect fit. Fits petite to stately wrists. 

Therapeutic Elements Used: Shungite, AAA-Grade Black Spinel, Sterling Silver

Element: Fire, Air, Storm, Water 

Who It Benefits: Those who desire immense cleansing, focus, absorption of toxic electromagnetic frequencies, hope, activation of body truth, revitalization, and energy

Chakras: All


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