Elements by Kaitlyn

She Who Chooses


Elements by Kaitlyn

She Who Chooses


Take a deep, cleansing breath and check in with your body. How does your heart feel? Put your hand there. Does it feel tight? Are your shoulders caving in, ever so slightly? Is there a feeling of pressure or strain at the back of your heart chakra, between your shoulder blades? If so, you are in a state of protection. By curling your shoulders in, you are quite physically trying to protect your heart. If you sense this in your body, meet it with love and understanding. You have done nothing wrong by protecting your heart. We all do this. This was you trying to love yourself. 

And yet, there is another way.

Heart-break and habitual self-rejection in the form of judgmental thoughts (we all have 'em!) can make it hard to live with a truly open and undefended heart. And when our hearts are closed, we may be protected... but we also can't receive the love we truly desire. This 14K Gold-Filled AAA-Grade Rose Quartz Necklace featuring Watermelon Tourmaline, Green Tourmaline, and Vesuvianite, supports us to open our hearts, choosing a new way to love ourselves, and receive the love of others. 

Rose Quartz, the unparalleled stone of Self Love, gives us the support we need to nourish, heal, release, and open our hearts to the love we richly deserve... a love we must give to ourselves first before we can recognize it from another. When supported by the heart-centered medicine of Green, Watermelon, and Pink Tourmaline, as well as a rare grass-green gem called Vesuvianite, we are offered a deeper capacity for healing, releasing pent-up anger in a safe and balanced way, and returning to wholeness. 

*Pictured in the fourth image paired with "Just As I Am", another piece in the Undefended Heart series.

Length: 18" chain with a 2" drop

Therapeutic Elements Used: AAA-Grade Rose Quartz, Green Tourmaline, Vesuvianite, and 14K Gold-Filled accents

The Medicine: The energies of these stones answer a desire for deep self-love, support in healing and opening the heart, boosting our capacity for healing, vitality, balancing and releasing past anger, and sinking into a feeling of wholeness. 

Chakras: Heart (4th)


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xo, Kaitlyn