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Shields Up!


Elements by Kaitlyn

Shields Up!


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The easiest way to bring gemstones and intention into your energy field! Slip this glowing Amethyst prayer bracelet on in seconds, and harness the power of positive energy on your wrist. Amethyst is the cardinal AIR stone. It activates our upper-order chakras to uplift dull or stagnant energy, and bring purification, positive spirit, and spiritual protection into our realm. Amethyst also acts as a shield against negative energy, making it a vital stone to wear in a less than hospitable workplace! Set with fragrant Rosewood and 14K Gold-Filled accents, and offset with AAA-grade Blue Tiger's Eye to add a boost of vitality, strength, and grounding.

To use this prayer bracelet, set your daily intention upon this brilliant Amethyst, then repeat it, traveling around to each bead and whispering your word or mantra until you come back home, syncing with the breath to mimic the ebb and flow of the tides. Best worn when your intentions align with ushering positive energy into your life, and repelling what doesn't serve you. Haters got you down? Shields Up! 

Size: Designed to fit small to medium sized wrists. *If you'd like a different fit, please contact me to have one custom-made, specially for you!

Therapeutic Elements Used: Amethyst, AAA-grade Blue Tiger's Eye, Rosewood

Who It Benefits: Those wishing to purify, protect, and channel positive energy. Amethyst lifts us, sweeping away ties or toxic patterns that hold us down, while Blue Tiger's Eye gives us focus, vitality, and rooted strength.

Chakras: Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th), Etheric (8th) 


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