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Thus Spoke the Lionheart


Elements by Kaitlyn

Thus Spoke the Lionheart


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Richard the Lionheart has nothing on you. You eat steel for breakfast, and you know the power of words when it comes to building your roundtable. Knowing that strength of heart is just as strong as strength of mind and body, you've chosen this amulet to ground deeply into your supreme masculine. 

Made of Green Flourite, worn for enhanced communication and heart-rich strength, this incredibly strong, grounding, and balancing Earth stone Tiger Iron is tempered with Fire-rich black Lava Rock, creating the ultimate bracelet for protection, grounding, and tenacious, warrior-like confidence. (Pro Tip: Gain aromatherapy benefits by dabbing a drop or two of essential oil on the porous Lava Rocks, where they will diffuse it all day long.)

This bracelet is part of my gentlemen's line, designed to fit close and comfortable on a small to medium-sized male wrist, so it doesn't impede your movement, though it can also be worn by women wishing to root deeper into their yang energy.

Ready to ground into your supreme masculine in a way that's heart-lead and rooting? Thus Spoke the Lionheart. Your wish is my command. 


Men: Fits Small to Medium-sized wrists

Women: Fits Medium to Large-sized wrists, or works as a bangle on small wrists

Therapeutic Elements Used: Green Flourite, Lava Rock, Tiger Iron, and Sterling Silver 

Element: Air, Earth, Fire

Who It Benefits: Those who desire immense focus, energy, grounding, protection, mental clarity, an open heart, and enhanced communication

Chakras: Heart (4th) Solar Plexus (3rd), Sexual/Creative (2nd), Root (1st) 


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