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Trust and Believe


Elements by Kaitlyn

Trust and Believe


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 It can be hard, after opening to love so many times and being hurt, to have faith that the kind of love we want is possible. It can be hard to love ourselves in a culture that strives for perfection. Self-judgement is always around the corner. Enough is never enough. And most of us have scars no one will ever see puckering the soft, sweet, innocent walls of our hearts. Enter the magic of Pearl Medicine. 

Pearls are formed by an irritant that gets inside the sacred shell. A speck of sand, perhaps. But it is because of this irritant that the shell begins to produce nacre, a liquid substance meant to lubricate the roughness chafing the soft inside of the shell. Again and again it rolls this irritant up. Polishing it, protecting it, tending to it. More and more layers of nacre form, until finally, over time, the irritant has been transformed into a gleaming, beautiful pearl. When this WATER Element is paired with the heart-warming and healing properties of Pink Opal, the grounds for transmutation and transformation are set. We look at this unique, gorgeous pearl, and re-learn how to trust and believe that with time and tender care, even something painful can turn into something magnificent. 

This gorgeous Flame-Edison Baroque Pearl with Pink, Mauve and Gold nacre, hangs from a sturdy Sterling Silver bail, supporting a delicate Pink Opal briolette. 

*Pictured paired in the fourth image with the "Pink is for Warriors" necklace, another piece in the Undefended Heart series.

Length: 18" chain with a 2" drop 

Therapeutic Elements Used: Baroque Pearl, Pink Opal, Sterling Silver

The Medicine: The energies of these stones offer up support in healing and opening the heart, releasing past wrongs, and cultivating trust that even an irritant like a grain of sand, when lovingly worked and tended to, can form into something rare and beautiful like a Baroque Pearl.

Chakras: Heart (4th)


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