Elements by Kaitlyn

Twilight Rendezvous


Elements by Kaitlyn

Twilight Rendezvous


Mystery calls us in the quiet moments. A harkening in our blood, in our bones. It floats in through the hazy morning mist that paints the world white at dawn and whispers with the setting of the sun as twilight beckons, bringing with her the witching hour. Play big, it says. Make the change. Do the thing. Say yes. Listen to your desire. It was in honor of this Mystery, the need to proclaim a willingness to listen, that this necklace came to be.

Hung from a substantial and adjustable 14K Gold-Filled chain rests the three stones. A Herkimer Diamond graces the top, leading into a creamy Biwa Pearl with rainbow iridescence, all set above one gorgeously silken Silver Tahitian Pearl. 

Herkimer Diamonds are powerful light-workers. They are STORM Elements that shed radiance into our field, showing us the way, and enhancing the energy of what is around them. Pearls are glorious WATER Elements that evoke a sense of calm and peace. They represent the medicine of trust and patience: that with time and care, even a grain of sand can transform into a thing of wondrous beauty.

Together, these three elements come together to encourage us to be available to mystery. To beauty. Pouring light into what matters, and then stepping forward with the trust and patience that our desire, our "speck of sand" will turn into something magnificent.

Length: 16" chain with a 2" extender, so that you can wear this necklace higher up to suit your neckline, or extend to the full available 18". The three-stone drop is 3" long. 

Therapeutic Elements Used: Silver Tahitian Pearl, Biwa Pearl, Herkimer Diamond, 14K Gold-Fill

Who It Benefits: Those who desire a gentle, soothing energy that rejuvenates and reminds us of the medicine of trust and patience

Element: Water, Storm

Chakras: Third Eye (6th), Crown (7th)


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xo, Kaitlyn