Elements by Kaitlyn

Warriors Wear Pink


Elements by Kaitlyn

Warriors Wear Pink


 Once upon a time, when I was around 5 years old, I had a choice what color rug to get in my room. I wanted whatever my older sister wanted. (Obviously, being four years older than me, she was the epitome of cool, and I therefore outsourced my own desires for what I might actually like to her.) Unbeknownst to me, she did not think having matching rugs in our rooms would be super cool, and so after whispering to my mom that she wanted a blue rug, she loudly announced that she was choosing pink. 

So I chose pink too. Soft, sweet, baby pink. The only problem was, at some point along the way in these early formative years, I had gleaned this bizarre idea that to be "feminine' and "soft" was to be weak, and pink was the most girly color on the block. So when my sister's cool blue rug was put in next to my baby pink one, I, in the incredibly logical way only a five-year-old can think, decided that pink was for suckers, and I would hate it forever. 

I was wrong.

It took many years of re-writing old stories and seeing where in my innocent youth I rejected parts of myself before I began to understand the strength of pink. Pink, specifically rose-pink, is the color of love. And everyone knows love is the most powerful force in the world. 


Not the color of sissies anymore, is it? 

Rose Quartz, the unparalleled stone of Self Love, gives us the support we need to nourish, heal, release, and open our hearts to the love we richly deserve... a love we must give to ourselves first before we can recognize it from another. This simple, wearable necklace acts as a talisman: a beacon calling in love, reminding us that the most powerful thing we can do is choose to open our hearts to receive, filling up and up and up with all that juicy rose-colored love so that we let go of our defenses and let our love flow unbridled into the world. Imagine the change we could make in our own lives, and in the world, with that kind of love. 

*Pictured paired in the fourth image with the "Trust and Believe" necklace, another piece in the Undefended Heart series.

Length: 16" chain with a 2" extender 

Therapeutic Elements Used: AAA-Grade Rose Quartz and Sterling Silver

The Medicine: The energies of this stone answer a desire for deep self-love, support in healing and opening the heart.

Chakras: Heart (4th)


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