Three Ways to Deepen Your Intuition

Three Ways to Deepen Your Intuition

CHOICES. I used to loathe them. I’d get myself all wrapped up in Analysis-Paralysis, my mind a veritable hamster-wheel. What’s so beautiful about the world we live in now, is that more and more people are realizing the need for intuitive and conscious practices to help raise us up as a global community. These three simple practices are ones I’ve used over the years to help deepen my intuition, and harness the hamster-wheel. I hope they bring value to your life, as they have to mine!


The Self-Test

This intuitive test was taught to me by a health kinesiologist many years ago. It goes like this: using one hand, rub your thumb and first two fingers together, moving your thumb over the finger pads in slow circular motions. While doing this, think of water. The movement should feel smooth. Flowing. Our bodies inherently know that water is good for us. Now think of tar. You may notice friction between the thumb and forefinger. It may feel sticky, resistant. That is because tar is not good for us. You do not want to drink tar. (At least, I really hope you don’t!) And that’s the test!

The next time you need to make a decision (like deciding which new gemstone to bring into your life!) and your logical brain is whirring too loud for your intuition to come through, try The Self-Test by asking: “Do I want (insert object/choice here)?” Then declare YES while rubbing your fingers together, then NO. Whichever one feels more like water is the one your body is telling you is the right choice! (You can also use this test to compare, i.e. “Do I need Amethyst? Or Carnelian?”)


Smart Palms

 This next test is one I call “Smart Palms.” It helps me pinpoint what kind of help I need that day. The practice is simple: Sit in meditation, and place your palms face-down on your knees. Breathe. See how that feels. Then flip your palms over so they face the sky. Breathe. Notice. Are you squirming? Or did you just breath a tiny inward sigh of relief? This quick and simple practice serves to show which you need more of that day: grounding or to be lifted up? I like to use this practice in the mornings to help in picking out my daily gemstone jewelry. If it’s a palms-down day, I know I’m more likely to reach for an Earth or Fire gemstone, as they tend to resonate with the lower chakras. If it’s a palms-up day, I go for Water or Air stones, which tend to resonate with the upper chakras. (If you’re curious which stones land in which, I’ve set up my shop so you can search by Element!)

But what about the Storm Element, you may ask? I reach for Storm when neither palms-up nor palms-down feel good. In my body, that means I’m working through something big and I need to get my warrior-face on!


Sourcing the Spark

This last practice comes from my husband Mark, a life coach who focuses in men’s work. This practice helps us recognize that everything— from the gemstones brewed in the earth, to our relationships, to the clutter on the kitchen table— is energy. A big part of learning to tap into our emotional body, and therefore, our intuition, is letting that energy be our guide, so we can move through the world in a more aligned, conscious way. Mark describes it as imagining a gas gauge: when something gives you energy, the needle moves up. When something takes energy, the needle dips down. (Let it be noted that not all things that take energy are bad— for example, having a candid and honest conversation with a loved one may drain you, but it’s worth it in the end if it deepens the relationship.)

I call this visualization practice “Sourcing the Spark.” Having this gauge in my head helps me become aware of when I’m being fed, or when I’m feeling drained, so I can learn to avoid toxic relationships or habits, and instill some self-care before I’m on “E”. I also love watching for this when people come to my booth to try on jewelry. I can always see the spark when someone is deciding between pieces, and their energetic body says: YES! I can feel the energy around them expand and lift, and usually there’s a glint of the eye or an unconscious smile as they try it on. Learning to source this spark and recognize it as fuel (which is how I view gemstones) is a simple daily practice to better help align and harmonize our lives.


Did you find this article valuable? I hope so! Please feel free to share it with someone who it may serve, and don’t forget to say hi or let me know some of your practices for deepening intuition. I love hearing from you!

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  • Aug 23, 2019

    Thank you so much, Marta! You’ve been such a strong supporter of mine, and I’m so grateful for your feedback. I feel there is so much our thinking minds cannot comprehend in this universe, and that learning to tap into that inner place of knowing that transcends language is so important!

    — Elements by Kaitlyn

  • Aug 23, 2019

    Totally love your intuitive ‘feel’ for stones and what emotion they can enhance, provoke or support w/their presence…I’m with you, girl…and I love how you let the stone ‘speak’ to you before creating jewelry that will let the stone speak it’s truth to us. Thank you for all you do!!! Marta…

    — marta a sipan

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