Gemstones for Transformation Part II: ELEVATE and PROTECT

Gemstones for Transformation Part II: ELEVATE and PROTECT

Five Gemstones for Transformation

Part II: Elevate and Protect


This article is part two of a series that I will be putting out over the course of this month on gemstones that support transformation. In Part I, we explored transforming the Divine Feminine: five gemstones to help the woman ready to step open-hearted into the ancient power of her divine feminine energy.

Today we'll explore Part II: Five Gemstones to ELEVATE and PROTECT.



Amethyst is for the empaths. The habitual give-now and take-laters. The spirit whose energy is constantly being chipped away by toxic people, relationships, or workplaces. Amethyst, our cardinal AIR gemstone, protects the sanctity of our divine energy. It is an energetic shield, one that says: This is my sanctuary. This is my light. I give your energy back to you. I need not take it on. Amethyst protects. Purifies. Untethered from the woes of others; it is a beacon of light that illuminates your entire being. Amethyst helps cast aside that which no longer serves you, lifting you up on the wings of your own brimming, light-giving energy.



Ametrine is for the sensitive. The creative. The artist. The being determined to stay centered in your own energy, steadfast and serene. Hearts lifted, minds lifted, feet planted. Ametrine is the natural amalgamation of two Cardinal Elements: Amethyst (Air) and Citrine (Fire). It is wind and lift and heat and presence. It is knowledge that we are protected and purified, strong and embodied. It is confidence in the passion and purpose we offer to the world. Ametrine guards us, erecting walls of light and purity wherein we may dance, unencumbered by doubt, bolstered by courage.


Herkimer Diamond

STORM Element Herkimer Diamond is for the ready. Ready to fix wings to your back and jump, ready to tip your face to the sun and take in every kiss of warmth. A pure shaft of light that supercharges our energy-body, this stone acts as a catalyst, burning away doubt and fear with the powerful and luminosity of a lightning bolt. Herkimer Diamonds are strong, vertically-minded, and sure. Aligned from root to ether in one brilliant shaft of pure light. They break our patterns, shedding light where once was dark, helping us ascend into our most sacred, essential self.



Tanzanite is for the embodied transformation. The being ready to tap in and vibrate higher. Tending wisdom by linking the power of the thinking mind with the enigmatic knowing of the intuitive heart. Enchanting. Mysterious. Alluring. Tanzanite is one of twelve synergy stones, praised for its ability to sing to our beings into glory. Rich and connective, Tanzanite vibrates so high, we have no choice but to rise up to meet it. Heart and head. Logic and sprit. Body and soul. You are no longer alone; you never were. You are synergy in all things.



Kyanite is for the yogi. The spiritual. The being who sits crosslegged in silence, palms cupped upward to lift and receive. It is powerful. Weightless. Immensely intuitive. Aligned from root to rise. It lifts you to new heights, exploring the spirit, deepening the soul. It helps you understand your dreams and gently tends the lessons from past lives. Lifted. Emboldened. Serene. Kyanite brings us into the light of our soul, bathing in the majesty hugged between two ribs, two feet, one heart, bare and free and beautiful.


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