Gemstones for Transformation Part IV: GROUNDING and PEACE

Gemstones for Transformation Part IV: GROUNDING and PEACE
Five Gemstones for Transformation


This article is the final installment in a series on gemstones that support transformation. In Part III, we explored five gemstones for Courage and Confidence.

Today we'll explore Part IV: Five Gemstones for GROUNDING and PEACE.


Green Amethyst

Green Amethyst tells the story of crackling campfires. Of earth crunching beneath our feet and grass that tickles bare legs, the air all tang and musk and sweet beneath a star-pricked sky. A gentle yin EARTH Element, Green Amethyst reconnects us to nature, drawing strongly upon the ancient earth to rise beneath our feet, supporting us when our souls forget the ways from which we came. Nourishing and grounding, she is Gaia Earth herself, taking us from the confines of our constructed white-plaster walls and reminding us of the majesty around us.


Soothing. Peaceful. Trusting. Aquamarine is the ocean, a whooshing breath that sweetens your mouth, cresting and flowing, constant and sure. In shades of blue, pink, and even mossy green, this cardinal WATER Element promotes peace, serenity, a cool head, and ease of communication. Resonating with the heart and throat chakra, Aquamarine helps us find our supreme voice, speaking our truth and letting go of unconscious fears that oftentimes live in our jawbones, clamping and muting the truth our souls yearn to speak. She is the tide within us, calling in the beauty of our most essential self, urging us to flow and persist as she does, in raw, authentic majesty, pushing the weed and froth out, and drawing back to sing her song faithfully all over again.


Black Tourmaline

Black Tourmaline praises the supreme masculine. Rooting, strengthening, and deeply grounding, this premier gemstone for our age connects solely with our root chakra, sucking anxiety from our energy field like a turbo-charged vacuum. Protecting and purifying, Black Tourmaline transmutes negative energy into positive currency, leaving behind only what is good, what is ours, and what is needed to stride with strong, sure feet across the supportive earth.



Garnet is like an iceberg: glassine and calm on the surface, but deceptively deep. She is the thoughtful face across from you who one day opens her mouth and reveals immense wisdom and surety of spirit. An EARTH Element ranging from vibrant green to raspberry red, Garnets open our heart and call attention to our highest path, rooting us to the earth with a calm clarity one might expect of an ancient shaman. Gentle and encouraging, she reminds us of our roots with one hand, a wooden spoon in the other to tap us in the right direction sternly should we stray.


Lava Rock

Lava Rock is for the voracious. An EARTH Element birthed by FIRE, it exudes the grounded claim of the earth tempered by a survivor’s strength, formed by Fire and emerging something beautiful. Due to its naturally porous construction, Lava Rock can be used as Mother Nature’s aromatherapy diffuser by applying a drop or two of essential oil and rubbing it across the surface until it gleams. It calls in our masculine energies, tending to our foundation so we can move forward with serenity and peace.


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