Gemstones for Transformation Part III: COURAGE and CONFIDENCE

Gemstones for Transformation Part III: COURAGE and CONFIDENCE

Five Gemstones for Transformation

Part III: Courage and Confidence


This article is part three of a series on gemstones that support transformation. In Part II, we explored five gemstones to help us Elevate and Protect our energy.

Today we'll explore Part III: Five Gemstones for COURAGE and CONFIDENCE.


Citrine is pure FIRE. It evokes warm, golden heat that stokes our inner engine, propelling us forward with determined tenacity. It revitalizes the fatigued spirit and fans our feeling of self-worth. Confident. Courageous. Supreme. Open to abundance and set for success. This yang energy brings heat from root to solar plexus, bringing enhanced mental clarity and strong, sure feet. Citrine knows where we need to go, and how to get there. Like a rocket, it points us in the direction of success, wealth, abundance, and passion, then lights the fuse and lets us soar.


Carnelian tells a simple story: You’ve got this. Poised on the edge of a diving board, ready to jump off? You’ve got this. About to bring new life into the world for the first time? You’ve got this. Embarking upon a brave, new adventure? You’ve got this. Carnelian is a flame-spinning cheerleader dressed in joyous shades of the sunset. Reminding us that just like the sun, it will set and rise each day, an evocation of beauty and knowing and faith that (say it with me) we got this. 


Sunstone is for those looking to ensnare their supreme masculine. Sharp-witted and bright, it bolsters our spirit by pouring fire-light into our sternum, lifting us like a helium balloon. It is happy and content, a jovial, savvy soul who doesn’t have to work to prove worth, who knows just like the glittering specs glinting within its walls, all we need is already within us. Sunstone clarifies the sparkle within us, rubbing sooted walls we’ve erected in our minds so we can more clearly view the power and majesty within.

Red Ruby

Red Ruby is for the brave warrior ready to rebuild their courage and confidence through deep healing. This stone resonates with the Earth. It tends to our heart-space, shedding old scars and building new roots so we can lead from love. Grounding. Majestic. Embodied. Ruby acts as an ancient Redwood, roots spread deep and arms spread wide. It restores faith in ourselves and our ability to stand tall, heart-led into our best life.


Jade is for the wanderer. The explorer. The curious. This vibrant green gem is an Earth Element that acts as a homing beacon for our most essential self. It shows us our feet so we have the courage to fly. Also known for protection during air travel and luck, Jade enlivens the child-spirit in all of us, bursting to know why and what and where.

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