Best Gemstones for Courage

Best Gemstones for Courage

Courage is a funny thing. It’s not always that audacious fire simmering in your belly, hot and implacable as that first jolt of coffee in the morning. Courage, much like bravery, can feel… well, awful. It can feel like a knot in your stomach or a beckoning tightrope’s edge. But having courage doesn’t mean always feeling brave. Having courage means shaking in your fabulous hand-tooled boots and committing to big-fat-do-it-anyway.

For many of us, our lives are inundated with worry, fear, and stress. It could be a beautiful (but just as potent) temporary stressor, like fear of childbirth, or a daily phenomenon, like fear of losing one’s job, health, relationship, etc. Either way, we yearn for that fire in our belly spurring us forward when the stress wants us to run and hide… preferably into a giant cloud of fluffy blankets.

When you’re looking to inspire more courage in your life, it can be as simple as devoting a talisman toward your intention.

Like anything in nature, each rock mined from the earth has its own frequency. Citrine, Carnelian, Pyrite, and Ruby are the four gemstones which vibrate at the precise frequency in which we process and feel courage in the body!

They won’t erase your fears or act as an all-encompassing salve, but rather, act as a targeted energetic boost, much like the maca root you add to your morning smoothie.

Citrine is a cardinal Fire stone, ranging from pale yellow to rich sienna. It connects strongly with the Solar Plexus: the third chakra wherein we process bravery, will-power, leadership, and creativity. Wearing a piece of Citrine, especially close to the heart, acts as a tiny beacon lifting away the darkness of doubt and fear. This is a beautiful gem for young and old, as it is warm and fortifying without the jittery energy of, say, that fourth cup of espresso. If you’re looking for some Katniss-style bravery, find a gorgeous piece of Citrine to wear or keep as a tumble stone in your pocket, and find the odds “ever in your favor.”

Vibrant and warm, Carnelian is another Fire stone best for those who need a push rather than a gentle guiding hand. More forceful than Citrine, it endows the wearer with a fiery sense of strength, courage, and determination. This is one of my favorite stones to use in birthing necklaces for expectant mothers, as it inspires the tenacity and will to push through. (No pun intended. Okay, maybe a little.) It connects strongly with both the Root and Solar Plexus (first and third chakras), giving off a strong, grounded energy.

Our third courage stone, Pyrite, is an Earth stone more commonly known as “Fool’s Gold” due to its uncanny resemblance to the shiny precious metal in its raw state. Like Citrine, its frequency connects solely with the Solar Plexus, bringing confidence, will-power, and enhanced mental clarity and focus, making it sublime for students. Pyrite has a masculine energy, but is beneficial for both men and women. It invokes feelings of commitment and persistence. An excellent stone to wear when you need to “power through” or add a jolt of vitality to your waning spirit. Plus, dogs will follow you everywhere. Shiny!

Finally, Ruby: the only courage-inducing gem that doesn’t do so by tapping into the fire of the solar plexus. Rubies are Earth stones that solely resonate with the Root chakra. They take another route to courage by allowing its wearer to feel rooted to the earth. For some, bravery is easier when they feel their feet planted firmly on the ground. In addition to bravery, Rubies are also known to beget passion, strength, enthusiasm, and zest for adventure. A stone of fortitude, they are said to bring a feeling of power to the wearer, banishing hopelessness and doubt. When worn, they’re also said to attract good opportunities your way!

Life is hard, and we all find ourselves having moments of doubt, worry, and fear. Whether you use a gemstone or take ten deep breaths to fortify you, I wish you all a beautiful day filled with love, light, and courage.

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