Five Tips to Help You Buy Jewelry for Her

Five Tips to Help You Buy Jewelry for Her

Jewelry is a symbol of love she can wear every day. But picking the right piece can feel as easy as putting together an armoire from Ikea. The instructions say it’s easy, but it still takes you eight hours and countless expletives to complete. So here’s five tips to help you buy jewelry for her that she’ll really love!

First, know what metal she prefers.

The most common choices are silver or gold, though there’s also copper and rose gold. If you’re not sure what looks best on her, here’s a neat trick: find out her undertone. Here's a simple way to do it: Look at the veins on the inside of her wrist. (Hand massages and palm-readings are great excuses.) If her veins look green, she has a warm undertone. Gold will suit her best. If her veins look blue, she has a cool undertone. Get ye some Silver! If you see both green AND blue, well, the lucky lass is neutral and can wear anything. Except that hat your Aunt Silvia knitted her. That, no-one should wear.

Second, consider her personal style.

Is she a minimalist? Gift her a dainty necklace or pair of subtle earrings she can wear daily. Super active? Consider smaller pieces without a lot of swing that she can wear at work and at play. Gloriously glam? Edgy statements with lots of sparkle will suit her nicely! Ultra-classy? Keep to the classics: silver or gold, pearls, or eye-clear gemstones. Artsy? Pieces with unexpected elements or wire-wrapped accents are always a good call. Trendy? Statement earrings were huge on the runway looking forward into 2018, as well as abstract, whimsical, and asymmetrical pieces.

Third, keep in mind her neck length!

Petite women with a shorter neck length may not prefer super long earrings because, well, we don’t have the real estate for it.

Here’s a good good rule of thumb:

  • For petite women (ladies under 5’4) choose earrings under 2.5″ long, stretching to 3” if she likes bold statements and keeping under 2″ if she prefers smaller, everyday pieces.
  • Petite women may also prefer necklaces with slightly shorter chains, 16-18”, because they’ll compliment our smaller frame.
  • Women graced with height or a longer neck can get away with larger pieces more easily.

Fourth, picking the stone!

There’s lots of ways to go about this. Like flowers, gemstones all have meanings, so getting a stone that matches your intention is a great way to go! (You can read all about what gemstone is right for you here.) Everyone is different, but my most popular recommendations are: Citrine for young people and those desiring motivation, leadership, and will power, Turquoise for strength and confidence, Labradorite for creativity and insight, Amethyst for positivity, Aquamarine for calming peace, Emerald for love, and Garnet for joy and grounding.

Your final tip is to trust yourself.

You already know and love her, so just think of her when you’re picking out your gift. Imagine presenting it to her, and how she’ll look when she opens it. If you immediately get that goofy besotted grin splattered all over your face, that’s the one! And if you still just don’t know, well, email me for your free consultation and I’ll take on the challenge of creating the perfect piece just for her.

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