November Birthstones: Why They May Not Jive with Scorpios

November Birthstones: Why They May Not Jive with Scorpios

As a jewelry designer, I often find people either love their birthstone, or never quiiiite got into it. For all you November Scorpios out there, if you haven’t felt connected to yours (yet!) that may be because of one simple fact: Scorpios are Water signs. But both of your birthstones are Fire Elements— the polar opposite of Water! Fire and Water are our two strongest Elements; our Yin and Yang. When combined, one will always try to extinguish the other. BUT. (Didn’t you know there was a “but”?) Wearing your opposite Element can sometimes help create deep balance, moving the needle when we get stuck.

Here’s a deeper look at our November birthstones.

First off, Citrine! Citrine is the cardinal FIRE element, resonating with the first three chakras: Root, Sexual/Creative, and Solar Plexus. A beautiful golden yellow, Citrine actually comes from the French word “Citron”, which means lemon. Its use has been recorded as far back as 300 B.C., and was a popular choice for rings and intaglios in Ancient Greece and Rome.

Citrine awakens the imagination, spurring one’s creativity with the focused ferocity of a flame, while honing mental clarity. It has a get-up-and-go quality that juices up the solar plexus chakra, our source for leadership, courageous drive, and will power. Citrine is often related with manifestation and success due to its propensity toward clarity, imagination, and strength of will: a powerful combination to bring desires into reality! Many people now keep a tiny tumble stone of it in their wallets to promote positive cash-flow.

Imperial Topaz, also sometimes referred to as Golden Topaz, is the second birthstone for November. Also a FIRE element, it resonates solely with the Solar Plexus Chakra (3rd).

Imperial Topaz can range from cheery saffron to a warm, honeyed tan. In its natural raw formation, rainbows can often be seen beneath its strigated surface. Imperial Topaz, like Citrine, enhances our creativity and will power, making it a beautiful stone to wear when setting audacious goals. It has a slower-moving energy than other Topaz variations, making it more grounding and calming to wear. Imperial Topaz has the unique ability to help us ascertain the way to our highest path, cutting through the noise, and allowing us to reach our desires in a purposeful, nourishing, and sometimes surprising way. It can also help when we need to put up difficult boundaries to honor our sacred space.

Which of these gems resonates most with you? Send this to someone who could use some extra FIRE in their life!

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