Best Earrings for Your Face Shape

Best Earrings for Your Face Shape

As a woman, I am of the opinion that fashion rules are for lemmings, and people should wear whatever brings them joy. However, as a designer, I also recognize that fashion is also a way to celebrate our unique beauty, and sometimes knowing what tends to suit us can help us do that with confidence. Therefore, here are some suggestions for the best earrings for your face shape! 

Round face shapes have a similar distance between the width and length of their face, with rounded edges. A lovely example of a round face shape is Jennifer Lawrence. If your face is round, you can get away with cool angular or geometric designs such as squares, pyramids, and bars. For dangles, long, slim earrings elongate the face and can look quite elegant!

Oval faces have a forehead that’s slightly wider than their curved chin. Kerry Washington is a great example of an oval face. Oval faces can wear pretty much any type of earring they like! Drops, studs, hoops, ear cuffs; they’re all available to you. If you’re a long oval, also known as an oblong, you can play with the length and width of your earrings, making them slightly more dramatic to bring more fullness to where you’re quite narrow.

Heart faces, as seen on celeb Reese Witherspoon, are widest at the forehead, sloping down to a narrow chin. Because the chin/jaw is so narrow, earrings that are wider at the bottom than the top look ravishing. Size and length is up to preference, but this face shape can get away with long earrings reaching the jawline or chin, such as tassel earrings or long triangular drops.

Square faces are almost as wide as they are long, with straight sides and a stronger jaw that’s minimally curved. Cameron Diaz is a beautiful representation of a Square face-shape. As this is a more angular face shape, rounded, softer earrings look stunning on you! Hoop earrings are a great choice for this face shape, as well as studs and dangles kept close to the ear. If you’d like to draw the emphasis away from a stronger jaw, keep your dangles above the jawline to keep the eye moving upward.

Diamond faces are widest at the cheekbones, with the chin and hairline being narrower, a la Victoria Beckham. Since their cheekbones are their widest part, Diamond faces have an equidistant center line across the meridian of their face, making this shape perfect for huge statement earrings! Volume, weight, length, anything goes when it comes to this face shape. Step out with your favorite statement pair, or keep it demure with a simple teardrop or stud.

For the Triangle face shape, your jawline is your widest point, sloping upward to a narrower forehead. Minnie Driver is a great example how stunning this face shape can be! Studs, ear climbers, ear cuffs, or inverted acorn dangles suit you beautifully and bring the gaze upward.

I hope you enjoyed this little fashion run-down, and found it helpful if you're gift-shopping for a lady in your life! Design aesthetic is all about curves and angles, and finding where you stand in the marriage of the two. All the links provided are meant to show examples of certain earrings that might suit you, but I always say: the most radiant thing you can wear is a smile. (Cheesy? Hush. It's true.) So that amazing pair of earrings not specifically recommended for your face shape that makes you light up like a Christmas tree? THAT is what you should wear. 

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