Gemstones for Transformation Part I: THE DIVINE FEMININE

Gemstones for Transformation Part I: THE DIVINE FEMININE

Five Gemstones for Transformation

Part I: The Divine Feminine

This article is Part One of a series that I will be putting out over the course of this month on gemstones that support transformation, powered by the collective energy and intention of a world starting fresh in the New Year. 

Today we'll explore five gemstones to help the woman ready to move into this new year with grace and light, stepping open-hearted into the ancient power of her divine feminine energy.


Black Spinel

Black Spinel is for the woman who was told to be powerful was to be masculine. Who eschewed what felt soft and sweet and nourishing, to grasp what the world called true strength. Who is looking to reclaim her divine feminine. To reconnect to the ancient wisdom she knows in her bones, bare feet against the earth and hands tipped skyward to create and receive. Who is ready for the shift, the step into her true power, the complete acceptance of all that she is, and all that came before her. Aligned. Powerful. Easeful. Nourishing. Strong as the earth beneath her feet.



Ruby is for the healers. The empaths. The big hearts and open palms. The woman who has survived sexual trauma, emotional abuse, or heart-bound manipulation. Rubies connect to our heart and our roots. Nourishing the plot, making it soft, helping us heal and grow and bloom. Madagascar Pink Rubies amplify this feminine call for strength that comes from softening, opening, reclaiming what is most truly ours. Loving ourselves for our strengths and our mistakes, for the masterpiece we are, and the work-in-progress we continue to be.


Raw Diamond

Raw Diamond is for the light-workers. The soul-seekers. The fearless warriors. The woman who is ready to embody her true essence, free of comparison or I'll-be-happy-when. A raw diamond, born of carbon and pressure and heat, filled with sparkle and majesty. She is embracing her strength and her flaws. She has abandoned her quest for perfection, and instead is learning to see herself for the force she really is: Strong. Light-giving. Worthy. A diamond who refuses to let the world cut and mold her ’til she shines to their liking. A diamond who shines simply by celebrating her true, irreplaceable self.



Labradorite is for the creatives. The magicians. The mystical beings with a twinkle in their eye and stardust in their veins. The woman who’s learning to trust her intuition, to claim the inherent wisdom born in her bones, put there by every woman who came before her. She is learning to become the muse, the etherial power, the spiritual warrior. She is calling for light and clarity and creation. She is learning to speak the knowing that transcends logic or reason or facts. Tuned in. Aligned with every chakra in her body. A being that is light and woman and spirit.



Turquoise is for the singers. The warrior queens. The woman who is whole and strong and fierce. She knows the quiet woman is not remembered by history, and is learning the power of her own voice. She is speaking into her desires, presenting her truth and glory in all shades of acceptance, unabashed and evolving. She is exploring how to share her thoughts and her ideas, and knows that no matter the reception, she is worthy and woman and wonder. She has the storm at her back and the earth solid beneath her feet. She is ready. She is whole.


I hope you enjoyed Part One of this New Year's series! I invite you to share it with a woman ready to step into her divine power, and stay tuned for our next installment, where we will be discussing best transformative gemstones to help protect and lift our energy! (And to the man reading this series, knowing this particular installment was geared toward women, but wanting to learn how to best aid the powerhouse ladies in your life? You. Are. Rockstars. Stay tuned— I have some beautiful offerings coming for you!)
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